Services & Pricing

I offer the following services:

Dog walks
Pet to Vet Service
Small Animal Boarding
Home Visits
Cat Boarding (indoor room)

Holiday Service
Do you ever get back from holiday and wish you could just relax! Well, you can, I also offer a grass cutting & house cleaning service.

I will also get you some bread & milk in for that much needed cuppa when you get through the door. Please contact me to discuss pricing.


                                                                                Price List


Dog Walks / visits

                  30 minute walk                                                                               £8.00

                  1 hr hour walk                                                                               £12.00

                  20 minute visit                                                                                £6.00

                  30 minute visit                                                                                £7.00


 Cat Boarding day rate

                  1 cat                                                                                              £10.00

                  2 cats                                                                                            £16.00


Small Animal Boarding day rate

                  With own cage                                                                                £8.00

                  Use of my cage                                                                             £10.00


Pet to Vet Service

                  Round trip                                                     £10 fee + £0.42 per mile
*any required waiting time over 1hr charged at £10hr


Day Visit packages

                  Doggy Day                                                                                     £22.00

                  Moggy Day                                                                                     £16.00

                  Bunny Day                                                                                      £13.00


Doggy Day package includes one 30 minute visit morning & evening for feeding & cuddles & a 40 minute walk/two 20 minute walks.

Moggy Day package includes one 30 minutes visit morning & evening for feeding, cuddles and litter tray duties.

Bunny Day (or other small animal/s) includes one visit morning & evening & any required cleaning

All of the Day packages includes picking up post, putting any bins out / in and any other small duties (looking after house plants etc).  If away for several days, I will ensure that curtains/blinds are shut/open and lights on/off to give the illusion of someone being at the property.


Please ask about pricing if you have a multi-pet household.  The above are guidelines designed for one or two animals.  Happy to discuss all/ any requirements that you may have.

Holiday packages

                  Grass cutting                                                                £ on request 

                  House cleaning                                                            £ on request

                  Return Home package*                                                £5.00


*Return home package includes bread & milk but can be added to – please discuss.


I am also able to offer advice & guideance in many areas, especially rabbit welfare & bonding as well as introducing a new pet to the household*.  Please contact me to discuss setting up a 1:1 session.

*please note that I am not an Animal Behavourist and my knowledge comes from 30+ years experience, various courses and the support of several local veterinary practices.