All Creatures Pet Care

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We provide a reliable and caring service, paying special attention to your pets needs. We have experience in administering long term medications, such as insulin and can give you peace of mind that your pets care and routine are our foremost concern. 

All Creatures Pet Care

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We offer a full range of services from dog walking to taking your pet to the vets for routine or emergency appointments.  We can also offer advice & guideance in many areas, such as rabbit welfare & bonding.  We cover Royal Wootton Bassett & surrounding villages.

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At All Creatures Pet Care we understand how important your pet is to you. Prior to taking on a new client, we will meet with you at a convenient time, to chat through requirements.  If we can be of help, we would ask to walk through normal routine with your pet/s to get to know them a little better.

Welcome to All Creatures Pet Care

Hi, I'm Paula.  I have been an animal lover all of my life and spent the first 21yrs of my life with a cat who had adopted us as a family, when I was born. I started out at the early age of 7yrs with rabbits and soon added guinea pigs in to the mix.

In my early 20s the question arose – children or chinchillas, I opted for chinchillas! As life progressed I started to understand the importance of rescuing / adoption and at one stage was the proud adoptive mum of eleven Degus, five Chinchillas, four rabbits, two guinea pigs, two cats and two dogs – oh, and a tank full of Tropical fish!

I have also worked as a Volunteer with Cats Protection since 1999 & am still a foster carer for our local Branch of Cats Protection.

As such, I have an extensive knowledge of cats & cat welfare and across the years have cared for cats & kittens of various ages and with various health issues.

My family is much reduced these days and I currently have one Persian cat, one Maine Coon cat, one soppy house rabbit, a Frenchie, two Shar Peis, one of which is blind and a 20yr old Chinchilla.

As a pet owner, I have never put my animals in to a cattery or kennel, as I feel it is important where possible, to allow them to stay in their own home, to avoid any unnecessary stresses.

This is particularly important with rabbits, who can easily develop stasis, if territory and routine are disturbed. I have been very lucky to have had family and friends take care of my animals, anytime I have needed to go away and want to offer this type of service to other pet owners.